Retreats and Workshops


Jill is an experienced leader in the field of Spiritual workshops and retreats.  If your organization is looking to host a workshop, or has a group wanting spiritual formation through a workshop or retreat just inquire for a list of potentials.  Jill has some great connections with wonderful retreat centers that allow daily or overnight retreats and workshops.

Perhaps your group has a specific spiritual discipline in mind, or specific Scriptural guides and themes you wish to focus your experience upon...this is no problem! Jill can easily customize an educational and spiritual experience for all occasions.  

Whether it be a workshop for a few hours, or an overnight retreat... Jill is happy to customize a spiritual transformational experience just for your group.  Check out the contacts page here to begin a discussion.  

Retreats and workshops range in price according to length.  Jill will work with your group's budget to find something just right.